Saturday 30 April 2022

From Mari Amman

 28 Feb - 30 April 2023

Two months in Paris was just enough time for me to complete 4 books of poetry and enjoy a few of the abundant, cultural attractions. Of course, one could live an entire life in Paris and not see all it has to offer. The location of the residency made it easy for me to get everywhere I like on my favourite mode of transportation: foot. I prefer to take in my surroundings step-by-step in its entirety. There are metros nearby for anyone who is braver to those systems than I. 

I really cannot say enough good about the residency. The sense of liberty is underscored by the shared ethos in my life along with everyone involved the Trélex Residencies. Rebecca always goes out of her way to make sure everything is covered. I was able to have a small envelope delivered to me while in Paris. I used my Norwegian Artist membership to gain access to some of the art museums I had wanted to see. Vérité is my icon in life, and so I was delighted to get to see that at Musée d’Orsay. 

The groceries were more affordable than I am used to in Norway, and I found myself feeling quite literally elevated up in the heavens writing poems with the sound of birdsongs. Even though I had endured a monumental time for Parisians, Rebecca and Nina remained accommodating if I felt in danger during the riots. I simply stayed inside and got my work done. I not once felt unsafe. I also had the great fortune to meet Elizabeth for brunch at Café Judy which I also recommend from the list of things suggested to residents to explore. 

The neighbourhood is beautiful and very nice. Because I live a quite sheltered life in the nature, the city was busy but no busier than any other city I lived in before, so I found peace in the churches and accepted an invite to join a ceremony at St. Sulpice which offered communion and beautiful singing. Going for walks always helps me concentrate but in Paris I was inspired at every corner. The light and sights and sounds are unlike any place I’ve been. 

My biggest regret was not going to The Red Wheelbarrow Bookstore first week I was there. Penelope was a delight and the bookshop is a real treasure alongside the wondrous Jardin du Luxembourg.

I plan to use the rest of the 2 months offered as soon as possible, because I felt inspired to write even more when I was there…even as I threatened to never write again, the life in Paris is happening everywhere. I had brought my camera along, and even though I felt totally uninspired due to tremendous life stresses before this residency; I felt inundated with inspiration while in Paris. I have so much to work with now.

Overall, The Trélex Residencies, both in Paris and Switzerland, have been profoundly productive for both my internal processes as a poet, artist, researcher and performer, and I am deeply grateful for the great support offered through the residencies to realise the deepening of my work for projects and exhibitions to come. 

The 4 books of poetry with analogue photography, Poetry, Prose &Suche, can be purchased as PDFs via email: 

The poems are also posted with audio recordings done in Paris, for the paid subscribers of